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Toronto - John Kelai from Kenya crosses the finish line with a record breaking time of 2:09:32 for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Richmond Hill - Tom Bolton, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, stands in front of a telescope at the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill on Thursday October 11, which hosts the largest telescope in Canada, a 1.88m. The observatory is run by the University of Toronto, who has plans to sell the site to a developer.

Josh works on rolling film to prepare for a screening at the TIFF print centre, from where all reels are distributed.

Mona Bhamani, owner of Castle Group, a Mississauga condo developer, inspects her new building with architect Domenic Grossi, left and CEO of Castle Group, Nick Nanji, inside right.

A city scenem behind the main drag at Dupont and Shaw.

Students from Central Public School in Bowmanville wait in line to begin their Terry Fox run this afternoon.

Dr. Debbie Stoewen, D.V.M., provides shelter for animals of abused women, who leave their situation for shelters, where animals are not allowed. Here she prepares for surgery at Pioneer Pet Clinic, in Kitchener.


all in a days work...

Friends and family stand outside the Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene after the funeral held for Ephraim Gerald Brown, who was yet another recent victim of gun violence in the city.

Liya takes part in the Caribana parade this afternoon down Lakeshore, Saturday August 4.

Ariel Baker-Gibbs reads in her living room spending the last month at home before heading off to Yale. Ariel could have attended a specialty school for the hearing impaired, but instead has chosen to attend school with a sign language interpreter, as many are choosing to do.

Sayf Mostafia, 10, wears his Iraq jersey today and carries the Iraq flag in anticipation for tomorrow's game against Saudi Arabia. Sayf plans to get up for 6 am to watch the game.

The Ex uses a significant amount of energy, a lot of which comes from operating and illuminating rides and stalls.

Tonight marks the 6th final day of the Zoroastrian new year, ending in celebrations after 5 full days of prayer. The evening begins with Jashan, a prayer from the Avesta, the holy book of Zoroastrian, around a sandlewood fire, representative of God.

Starting mid-September, community centers across the city will be closed on Mondays as part of budget cuts. Yanwai Wong-Johnson, left and Tenzin Kelsang are among some of the families that will be affected by the closure as regular attendees of the Parkdale Community Center.


swimming with Jess at Variety Village

This is one day of a project I am working on about a community group called Pegasus, a program for adults with special needs in Toronto.


pride parade



cool lighting store in nyc...




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he smiles!

Alicia Ross' mom just before addressing the media and making a statment about her daughter's trial. This was my fav but it didn't run.



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mini shrek

uv protectant doggles...


romping through the grass

a farm adventure for an afternoon...